The site

The Nid d’Aigle site allows you to fly in thermal and dynamic. Takeoff is oriented northwest and is quite easy. It is possible to fly from morning to evening. The busiest afternoons can lead pilots to ceilings of 1000 meters. The renditions at sunset can be magical and when the conditions are optimal it is possible to reach Aglou caves 20km to the north. The site is easy and appeals to both beginners and more experienced pilots. The landing is endless and almost without obstacle. Recovery is practical and very fast. It is also possible to rest in the decor when it is free, or in the field next to it. The only thing to avoid are cactus crops;)

At Nid d’Aigle we fly all year round but the best season is between September and May, the opposite of Europe! Perfect for a break in the middle of our harsh winters.

For pilots who do not stay at the Nid d’Aigle, access to take-off is available with a participation of 30dh per day. And so that the flight days are spent in safety and good humor, all pilots are required to respect these regulations: